ATADS System Overview

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The Air Traffic Activity Data System (ATADS) contains the official NAS air traffic operations data available for public release. ATADS data are available after the 20th of the month for the previous month and can be accessed without a login.

As ATADS uses the same interface as OPSNET, users can follow the instructions provided for the OPSNET Manual to create reports in ATADS.

ATADS contains the following information and data:

Airport Operations: Reports IFR itinerant and VFR itinerant operations (arrivals and departures), and local operations at the airport as reported by Air Traffic Control Towers (ATCTs). It does not include overflights.

Tower Operations: Reports IFR and VFR itinerant operations (arrivals and departures), IFR and VFR overflights, and local operations worked by the tower.

TRACON Operations: Reports IFR and VFR itinerant operations and overflights worked by the TRACON.

Total Terminal Operations: Reports total operations worked by any facility based on the functions at the facility. If a facility has a tower and a TRACON present, the Total Terminal operations is a sum of the Tower Operations and the TRACON Operations for that facility.

Center Aircraft Handled: Reports domestic and oceanic departures and overflights and total aircraft handled by ARTCCs and CERAPs.

Facility Information: Provides information about each air traffic control facility, such as facility name and type, region, state, hours of operation, etc.