Delay Propagation: City Pair Reports

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Delay Propagation by City Pair is available as Summary, Base, and Statistical (Stat) report.

Summary Report

The Summary Report allows analysts to evaluate the propagation from all or selected airports—individual, ASPM 77, OPSNET 45, or OEP 35 airports—to all or selected airports. The time frame can be month(s), year, range and period. The analyst can query departure and arrival airports (or last arrival in flight sequence with at least three stages) and (a) carrier(s). Data can be grouped by departure and/or arrival airport, date, carrier, and equipment.

Base Report

The Base Report provides information on the carrier, date, tail number, initial arrival delay, last arrival delay, ratio of last over first arrival delay, and the counts of stages in the computation of the delay propagation chain. The Base Report also provides the opportunity to check the details of the flights involved in propagation (Details) as well as to evaluate the delays on the land- and airside that surround propagation (i.e., taxi-out delays, airborne delays) by clicking ‘Ops'. Each individual stage of a flight can be mapped.

Statistical Report

The Statistical Report provides the minimum, maximum, and average values for the minutes of propagated delays, the multiplier, accelerator, and the counts of stages.