ASPM Cancellations : Summary of Cancellations Report

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The Summary of Cancellations Report in the Cancellations module provides counts of cancelled departures and arrivals based on ASQP Cancelled flights, TFMS Flight Plans Cancelled, Scheduled Flights not Flown, and total cancellations. It also displays Completion Rates based on the total number of cancellations.

For information about how to create a Summary of Cancellations Report, see the ASPM Cancellations Manual.

Field definitions are available in ASPM Cancellations: Definitions of Variables.

ASPMCanc Summary2.jpeg

Based on the user's chosen report criteria, the Summary of Cancellations Report may contain all or some of the following variables:

  • Metric Departures
  • Metric Arrivals
  • Scheduled Departures
  • Scheduled Arrivals
  • ASQP Cancelled Departure
  • ASQP Cancelled Arrival
  • TFMS Flight Plan Cancelled Departures
  • TFMS Flight Plan Cancelled Arrivals
  • Scheduled Flights Not Flown Departures
  • Scheduled Flights Not Flown Arrivals
  • Total Departure Cancellations
  • Total Arrival Cancellations
  • Completion Rate for Departure
  • Completion Rate for Arrival

For information about other available reports in the Cancellations module, see the Display section.