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The ASPM Carriers are the carriers that are specifically tracked in ASPM. These include domestic scheduled carriers for which ASPM consistently receives OOOI data, as well as FedEx, UPS, and Air Canada. The number of ASPM carriers was expanded in January 2018 to take advantage of OOOI data provided by the OAG for airlines for which OOOI data had not previously been available.

Note that other carriers may be found in ASPM when they serve ASPM airports.

  • AAL American Airlines 
  • AAY Allegiant Air LLC 
  • ACA Air Canada 
  • ASA Alaska Airlines 
  • ASH Mesa Airlines, Inc. 
  • ASQ ExpressJet Airlines 
  • AWI Air Wisconsin 
  • CPZ Compass Airlines 
  • DAL Delta Air Lines, Inc. 
  • EDV Endeavor Air 
  • ENY Envoy Air 
  • FDX FedEx 
  • FFT Frontier Airlines, Inc. 
  • GJS GoJet Airlines 
  • HAL Hawaiian Airlines Inc. 
  • JBU Jetblue Airways Corporation 
  • JIA Jetstream Intl  
  • LOF Trans State 
  • NKS Spirit Airlines, Inc. 
  • PDT Piedmont Airlines 
  • QXE Horizon Air 
  • RPA Republic Airlines 
  • SKW Skywest Airlines 
  • SWA Southwest Airlines 
  • UAL United Airlines, Inc. 
  • UCA Champlain Air 
  • UPS United Parcel Service (UPS) 

Note: In addition to the airlines listed above, historical data may contain additional airlines that are no longer in operation.

For a list of ASQP carriers, a subset of the ASPM carriers required to submit official on-time performance and cancellation data to DOT, see ASQP: Carrier Codes and Names.