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The ETMS/Demand report of Data Download provides ETMS counts by user group and by equipment for the selected airport or set of airports.

For information about how to create an ETMS/Demand report, see the ASPM Data Download Manual.

Field definitions are available in ASPM Data Download: Definitions of Variables.

APM Demand.jpg


ETMS/Demand: Data Dictionary

Facility/Date Information

  • LocID
  • Day
  • Hour
  • Quarter Hour

ETMS Counts By User Group

  • CommDep. Commercial Departures.
  • FreightDep. Freight Departures.
  • GaDep. General Aviation Departures.
  • MilDep. Military Departures.
  • TaxiDep. Air Taxi Departures.
  • OthDep. Other User Class Departures.
  • CommArr. Commercial Arrivals.
  • FreightArr. Freight Arrivals.
  • GaArr. General Aviation Arrivals.
  • MilArr. Military Arrivals.
  • TaxiArr. Air Taxi Arrivals.
  • OthArr. Other User Class A.

ETMS Counts By Equipment

  • JetDep. Jet Departures.
  • PistDep. Piston Departures.
  • TurboDep. Turbo Propeller Departures.
  • EqOthDep. Other Equipment Type Departures.
  • JetArr. Jet Arrivals.
  • PistArr. Piston Arrivals.
  • TurboArr. Turbo Propeller Arrivals.
  • EqOthArr. Other Equipment Type Arrivals.
  • OpsDep. Departure ETMS Operations.
  • OpsArr. Arrival ETMS Operations.
  • OpsTot. Total ETMS Operations.

For information about other available reports in the Data Download module, see the Display section.