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The Flight Level Data report of Data Download provides detailed information on scheduled and actual times and delays for individual flights. Departure or arrival airport must be ASPM facility.

The flights inlcuded are Arrivals and Departures for Metric Computation: itinerant flights to or from one of the ASPM 77 Airports (all carriers) or operated by one of the ASPM Carriers (currently 23) at any airport, with actual arrival and departure and flight plan times that are reported or can be estimated from the other flight information available. General aviation and military flights are excluded.

For information about how to create a Detail By Quarter Hour Report, see the ASPM Data Download Manual.

Field definitions are available in ASPM Data Download: Definitions of Variables.

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Flight Level Data: Definitions of Variables

Date/Period Information

  • Dep_YYYYMM. Scheduled Departure Year and Month (Local Date).
  • Dep_DAY. Scheduled Departure Day (Local Day).
  • Dep_HOUR. Scheduled Departure Hour (Local Hour).
  • Dep_QTR. Scheduled Departure Quarter Hour (Local Qtr).
  • Arr_YYYYMM. Scheduled Arrival Year and Month (Local Date).
  • Arr_DAY. Scheduled Arrival Day (Local Day).
  • Arr_HOUR. Scheduled Arrival Hour (Local Hour).
  • Arr_QTR. Scheduled Arrival Quarter Hour (Local Qtr).
  • Off_YYYYMM. Actual Wheels Off Year and Month (ASQP/OOOI Off Local Date).
  • Off_DAY. Actual Wheels Off Day (ASQP/OOOI Off Local Day).
  • Off_HOUR. Actual Wheels Off Hour (ASQP/OOOI Off Local Hour).
  • Off_QTR. Actual Wheels Off Quarter Hour (ASQP/OOOI Off Local Qtr).
  • On_YYYYMM. Actual Wheels On Year and Month (ASQP/OOOI On Local Date).
  • On_DAY. Actual Wheels On Day (ASQP/OOOI On Local Day).
  • On_HOUR. Actual Wheels On Hour (ASQP/OOOI On Local Hour).
  • On_QTR. Actual Wheels On Quarter Hour (ASQP/OOOI On Local Qtr).

Flight Identification

  • FAACARRIER. Flight Carrier Code - ICAO.
  • FLTNO. Flight Number (2385 = 2385A).
  • TAILNO. Aircraft Tail Number (from ASQP).
  • ETMS_EQPT. IATA Aircraft Equipment Code from ETMS.
  • Dep_LOCID. Departure Location Identifier: Domestic = space + 3-character identification code, foreign = ICAO 4-character identification code.
  • Arr_LOCID. Arrival Location Identifier: Domestic = space + 3-character identification code, foreign = ICAO 4-character identification code.
  • OOOI. ARINC OOOI/ASQP Present? (Y=Yes, N=No).
  • ETMS. ETMS Present? (Y=Yes, N=No).
  • OAG. OAG Present? (Y=Yes, N=No).
  • FLTTYPE. Flight Type: D = Domestic dep, foreign arr; N = Domestic dep and arr; A = Foreign dep, domestic arr.
  • OAG_ACID. Flight Schedule Data System(FSDS) - Carrier and Fltno links to matching schedule record, or it will contain “ASQP” if from ASQP.
  • USER_CLASS. Aircraft Class: C = Commercial; T = Air Taxi; F = Freight; G = General Aviation; M = Military; O = Other.

Departure Information

Departure Gate Data

  • OAG_S_DEP (SchOutSec). Scheduled Gate Departure (GMT Seconds since 1/1/80).
  • T_OAG_S_DE (SchOutTm). Scheduled Gate Departure Time (Local) HH:MM.
  • FILED_PTIM (FPDepSec). Flight Plan Gate Departure GMT Seconds since 1/1/80.
  • T_FIL_PTIM (FPDepTm). Flight Plan Gate Departure Time HH:MM.
  • OOOI_DEP (ActOutSec). Actual Gate Out GMT Seconds since 1/1/80.
  • T_OOOI_DEP (ActOutTm). Actual Gate Out Time HH:MM.

Taxi Out Data

  • NOM_TO. Nominal - Unimpeded Taxi Out Time in Minutes.
  • TAXI_OUT (ActTO). Taxi Out in Minutes.

Wheels Off Data

  • OAG_OFF (SchOffSec). Scheduled Wheels Off Seconds since 1/1/80.
  • T_OAG_OFF (SchOffTm). Scheduled Wheels Off Time HH:MM.
  • PTIM_OFF (FPOffSec). Flight Plan Wheels Off Seconds since 1/1/80.
  • T_PTIM_OFF (FPOffTm). Flight Plan Wheels Off Time HH:MM.
  • PLAN_OFF (ETMSOffSec). ETMS Plan Wheels Off GMT Seconds since 1/1/80.
  • T_PLAN_OFF (ETMSOffTm). ETMS Plan Wheels Off Time HH:MM.
  • EDCT_OFF (EDCTOffSec). EDCT Wheels Off GMT Seconds since 1/1/80.
  • T_EDCT_OFF (EDCTOffTm). EDCT Wheels Off Time HH:MM.
  • WHEELS_OFF (ActOffSec). Actual Wheels Off GMT Seconds since 1/1/80.
  • T_WHLS_OFF (ActOffTm). Actual Wheels Off Time HH:MM.
  • ACT_DZ (DZSec). ETMS Departure Message GMT Seconds since 1/1/80.
  • T_ACT_DZ (DZTm). ETMS Departure Message Time HH:MM.
  • GAP_DZ. Minutes Between Wheels Off and DZ Message.

Departure Delay Data

  • O_GATE_DEL (DlaSchOut). Gate Delay in Minutes (Based on Schedule).
  • GATE_DELAY (DlaFPOut). Gate Delay in Minutes (flight plan based).
  • EDCT_HOLD (DlaEDCT). EDCT Hold in Minutes.
  • DELAY_TO (DlaTO). Taxi Out Delay Minutes.
  • OAG_ARPT_DEP (DlaSchOff). Airport Departure Delay Minutes (Based on Schedule).
  • PTM_ARPT_DEP (DlaFPOff). Airport Departure Delay Minutes (Based on Flight Plan).

Enroute Information

  • FILED_ETE (FPETE). Estimated Minutes Enroute (Flight Plan).
  • AIRBORNE (ActAir). Actual Airborne Minutes.
  • ACT_DZ2AZ (DZ2AZ). Minutes between DZ and AZ message Time.
  • DELAY_AIR (DlaAir). Airborne Delay Minutes (ActAir - FPETE) Delay Data.

Arrival Information

Wheels On

  • ACT_AZ (AZSec). ETMS Arrival Message Seconds since 1/1/80.
  • T_ACT_AZ (AZTm). ETMS Arrival Message Time HH:MM.
  • GAP_AZ (GAPAZ). Minutes between Arrival Message and Wheels On Time.
  • EDCT_ON (EDCTOnSec). Wheels On GMT Seconds since 1/1/80 (Filed on EDCT).
  • T_EDCT_ON (EDCTOnTm). Wheels On Time HH:MM (Filed on EDCT).
  • WHEELS_ON (ActOnSec). Actual Wheels On GMT Seconds since 1/1/80.
  • T_WHLS_ON (ActOnTm). Actual Wheels On Time HH:MM.
  • EDCT_ARR (EDCTArrDif). Difference between EDCT Expected and Actual Wheels-On (EDCT Arrival).

Taxi Data

  • NOM_TI. Unimpeaded Taxi In Time in Minutes.
  • TAXI_IN (ActTI). Taxi In Time in Minutes.

Arrival Gate Data

  • OAG_S_G2G (SchBlock). Scheduled Block Minutes.
  • OOOI_G2G (ActBlock). Actual Block Minutes.
  • OAG_S_ARR (SchInSec). Scheduled Gate-In GMT Seconds since 1/1/80.
  • T_OAG_S_AR (SchInTm). Scheduled Gate-In HH:MM.
  • ADJ_OAG_ARR (FPInSec). Flight Plan Gate-In GMT Seconds since 1/1/80.
  • T_ADJ_OAG_ARR (FPInTm). Flight Plan Gate-In HH:MM.
  • OOOI_ARR (ActInSec). Actual Gate In GMT Seconds since 1/1/80.
  • T_OOOI_ARR (ActInTm). Actual Gate In Time HH:MM.

Delay Data

  • DELAY_TI (DlaTI). Taxi In Delay in Minutes (Actual Compared to Unimpeded).
  • DIF_G2G (DlaBlock). Block Delay Minutes.
  • O_ARR_DEL (DlaSchArr). Arrival Delay in Minutes (Compared to Scheduled).
  • DELAY_ARR (DlaFPArr). Arrival Delay in Minutes (Compared to Flight Plan).

For information about other available reports in the Data Download module, see the Display section.