ASPM Efficiency: Reportable Hours by Facility Report

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The Reportable Hours by Facility Report of ASPM Efficiency provides the start and end of reportable hours for Core airports by fiscal year (the report cannot be generated for any other time period). Reportable hours are intended to represent the busiest hours of the day for each airport and are used to calculate metrics such as the Average Daily Capacity (ADC) limited to those hours.

For information about how to create an ADC for Reportable Hours by Facility Report, see the ASPM Airport Efficiency Manual.

Field definitions are available in ASPM Efficiency: Definitions of Variables.

ASPMEff RepHours.png

The ADC for Reportable Hours Report contains the following variables:

  • Airport
  • Fiscal Year
  • Starting Hour
  • Ending Hour

For information about other available reports in the Efficiency module, see the Display section.