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The Standard Report displays two different sets of variables depending on the choice of TAER or SAER metrics in the Filters section. The TAER is a measure of airport arrival efficiency, and the SAER is a measure of system efficiency. The variables for the TAER and SAER versions of the Standard Report are listed below. Efficiency flights are aggregated by date/hour of Wheels On for the TAER, and Wheels Off and Wheels On for SAER departures and arrivals.

For more information about the TAER, see: Terminal Arrival Efficiency Rate (TAER) 101: Metric Explanation.
For more information on calculation of the SAER, see the FAA briefing System Airport Efficiency Rate (SAER).

For information about how to create a Standard Report in the ASPM module, see the ASPM Airport Efficiency Manual.

Field definitions are available in ASPM Efficiency: Definitions of Variables.


ASPMEff StandardTAER2.jpg
  • Arrivals For Efficiency Computation
  • CountOps IFR Itinerant Arrivals
  • Facility Reported Arrivals
  • ETA Calc
  • % ETA Calc
  • Arrival Demand Units
  • Efficiency AAR
  • Capacity AAR
  • TAER
  • Average Actual Minutes 100 to 40 Miles
  • Average Excess Minutes 100 to 40 Miles
  • Average Actual Minutes 40 to Wheels On
  • Average Excess Minutes 40 to Wheels On
  • TAER Moderate+Severe Weather
  • % Arrivals Moderate+Severe Weather
  • % Arrival Demand Units Moderate+Severe Weather
  • % Hours Moderate+Severe Weather


ASPMEff StandardSAER.png
  • Departures For Efficiency Computation
  • Arrivals For Efficiency Computation
  • Total For Efficiency Computation
  • Facility Reported Departures
  • Facility Reported Arrivals
  • Total Facility Reported
  • Departure Demand Units
  • Arrival Demand Units
  • Total Demand Units
  • Efficiency AAR
  • ADR
  • Capacity AAR
  • ADR Plus Capacity AAR
  • Average Daily Capacity
  • % Capacity Utilized
  • Departure Efficiency
  • Arrival Efficiency
  • SAER

For information about other available reports in the Efficiency module, see the Display section.