ASPM Efficiency: TAER Detail Analysis Report

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The TAER Detail Analysis report of ASPM Efficiency provides TAER metrics for the selected airport(s).

For information about how to create a TAER Detail Analysis Report, see the ASPM Airport Efficiency Manual.

Field definitions are available in ASPM Efficiency: Definitions of Variables.

ASPMEff TAERDetail2.png

The TAER Detail Analysis Report contains the following variables:

  • Carrier
  • Selling Carrier
  • Flight Number
  • OOOI Available
  • CountOps Available
  • ETMS Available
  • Schedule Available
  • ACID
  • Aircraft
  • Departure Airport
  • Arrival Airport
  • Date
  • Start of Demand Time
  • End of Demand Time
  • Demand Quarters
  • AZ Time
  • Median AZ Gap
  • AZ Time Plus Median AZ Gap
  • ASPM Wheels On
  • AZ Time + Median AZ Gap minus ASPM Wheels On
  • CountOps Threshold Crossing Time
  • AZ Time + Median AZ Gap minus CountOps Threshold Crossing Time
  • Arrival Runway
  • CountOps Arrival Runway End
  • Approach Angle
  • Weather
  • Aircraft Category
  • CountOps Arrival ACID
  • Schedule ACID
  • Status Code
  • Actual minus Estimated Time to 40
  • Actual minus Estimated Time 40 to On
  • Actual minus Estimated Time 100 to On
  • ASQP Source

For information about other available reports in the Efficiency module, see the Display section.