ASPM Efficiency: TAER Means Report

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The TAER Means Report in the ASPM Efficiency module provides information on average aircraft speed from 100 miles to 40 miles from the airport, and distance from 40 miles to Wheels On by date, airport, runway configuration, arrival fix, physical class, weight class, and arrival meteorological conditions, for use in TAER demand calculations. The speed and time values listed are the average for the 20% of flights with the most direct route from the 100-mile to the 40-mile crossing and the 40-mile crossing to Wheels On based on the previous 12 months of data. Data on a minimum of 10 flights in the previous 12 months are required for calculating the 20% means. Default values are used in case of fewer than 10 observations.

For information about how to create a TAER Means Report, see the ASPM Airport Efficiency Manual.

Field definitions are available in ASPM Efficiency: Definitions of Variables.


The TAER Means Report contains the following variables:

  • Means For
  • Airport
  • Arrival Runway
  • 40-Mile Approach Angle
  • Physical Class
  • Weight Class
  • Arrival MC
  • Total Flights
  • 20% of Flights (20% of Flights, Average MPH (100 to 40), Average Min 40 Miles To On)

For information about other available reports in the Efficiency module, see the Display section.