ASPM Taxi Times: Unimpeded Times Report

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The Unimpeded Times Report of Taxi Times provides information on unimpeded Taxi Out and Taxi In times compared to the average, median, and 10th percentile times for a selected airport or group of airports. Unimpeded Taxi In and Out Times are estimated times by airport by carrier under optimal operating conditions (when congestion, weather, or other delay factors are not significant). Unimpeded times are estimated by calendar year and season for each carrier and airport with OOOI data from ASQP, ARINC, or TFMS.

For information about how to create an Unimpeded Times Report, see the ASPM Taxi Times Manual.

Field definitions are available in ASPM Taxi Times: Definitions of Variables.

ASPMTaxi Unimpeded.png

The Unimpeded Times Report contains the following variables:

  • Carrier Code
  • Season
  • Taxi Out Time (Unimpeded, Average, Median, 10th Percentile)
  • Taxi In Time (Unimpeded, Average, Median, 10th Percentile)

For information about other available reports in the Taxi Times module, see the Display section.