ASPM Weather Factors: Details Report

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The Details Report of ASPM Weather Factors provides data about the impact of weather factors per selected date (multiple reports are displayed on the same page when a range of dates is selected). Grouping options are not available for this report, and Filters are limited to Weather Factors and Runways.

For information about how to create a Details Report, see the ASPM Weather Factors Manual.

Field definitions are available in ASPM Weather Factors: Definitions of Variables.

ASPMWeather Details2.png

The Details Report displays the following fields:

  • Local Hour
  • Scheduled Operations
  • % On-Time Arrivals Based On Flight Plan
  • % On-Time Departures Based On Flight Plan.
  • Wind Direction
  • Temperature (F)
  • Wind Speed (Knots)
  • Ceiling N x 100 (Feet)
  • Visibility (Statute Miles)
  • OPSNET Weather Delays
  • Airport Weather
  • Near By TS
  • Enroute TS
  • Overall

For information about other available reports in the Weather Factors module, see the Display section.