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The Arrival Airport Summary Report of Arrival Airport Enroute displays averages of enroute metrics for the selected city pairs.

For information about how to create an Arrival Airport Summary Report, see the ASPM Arrival Airport Enroute Manual.

Field definitions are available in ASPM Arrival Airport Enroute: Definitions of Variables.

APMArrAir Summary.jpg

The report displays the following variables:

  • Arrivals for Enroute Computation
  • Average Enroute Time Flown
  • Average Excess Time Flown
  • Average (Time Flown Minus Unimpeded Time)
  • Ratio Time Flown And Unimpeded Time
  • Average Enroute Miles Flown
  • Average Excess Miles Flown
  • Ratio Miles Flown and GCR Distance
  • Average Speed
  • Average Enroute GCR

For information about other available reports in the Arrival Airport Enroute module, see the Display section.