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The Comparison Detail Report of City Pair Enroute compares enroute metrics at selected city pairs.

For information about how to create a Comparison Detail Report, see the ASPM City Pair Enroute Manual.

Field definitions are available in ASPM City Pair Enroute: Definitions of Variables.

ASPMEnr CompDet.png

The report displays the following variables:

Enroute Data (100 mile to 100 mile)

  • Flights for Enroute Computation
  • Enroute Time Flown
  • Excess Time Flown
  • Ratio Time Flown and Unimpeded Time
  • Enroute Time Flown Minus Unimpeded Time
  • Enroute Miles Flown
  • Excess Miles Flown
  • Ratio Miles Flown and GCR Distance
  • Average Speed
  • Average Speed Deficit
  • Ratio Average Speed and Unimpeded Speed
  • GCR Distance

City Pair Data (Airport to Airport)

  • Excess Time Flown
  • Excess Miles Flown

Boundary Crossings"

  • Time Flown*
  • Miles Flown and GCR Distance*
  • Average Speed*
  • Miles Ratio*

*Boundaries established at departure airport, 40-mile crossing, 100-mile crossing, 200-mile crossing, and midpoint.

For information about other available reports in the City Pair Enroute module, see the Display section.