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In the Operations by Airport view of ASQP, the NAS Report provides information about NAS causes of cancellations or delay at a selected airport of group of airports.

For information about how to create a NAS Report in the Operations by Airport view, see the ASQP Manual.

Field definitions are available in Definitions of Variables.

ASQP AirportNAS2.jpg

The NAS Report displays the following fields:

  • Cancellation NAS Causes (Weather, Volume, Equipment, Runway, Other, No Match Other Carrier Reported NAS, No Match Required Validation, Total)
  • Delay NAS Causes
    • Causes (Weather, Volume, Equipment, Runway, Other)
    • No Match (NAS<15, Delay After Gate Departure≥15, Gate Departure Delay<6, Other Carrier Reported NAS, Other Carrier Reported Non-NAS, No Other Carrier Reported Delays, NAS Delays Requiring Validation)
    • Total

For information about other available reports in the Operations by Airport module, see the Display section.