ASQP: Cancellations: Departure Comparison Report

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The Departure Comparison Report of Cancellations provides information about changes in the number and percentage of cancelled departures across two time periods. To generate a report, the user selects two time periods to compare in the "Dates" section.

For information about how to create a Departure Comparison Report, see the ASQP Manual.

Field definitions are available in ASQP: Definitions of Variables.

Cancel DepComp.jpg

The Departure Comparison Report displays the following variables:

  • Actual Change in Total Cancellations (Scheduled Departures, Carrier, Weather, NAS, Security, Total)
  • Percent Change (Scheduled Departures, Carrier, Weather, NAS, Security, Total)

For information about other available reports in the Cancellations module, see the Display section.