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The Detail Data Download provides detailed information on flight delays, including aircraft ID in cases of individual flight delays, with detail on duration, types of delay and delay causes.

For information about how to create a Detail Data Download, see the OPSNET Manual.

Field definitions are available in OPSNET Reports: Definitions of Variables.

ASPM DetailDD.jpg

The Detail Data Download displays the following fields:

  • REGION. Two-letter regional identifier of the reporting facility.
  • DELAY_AIRCRAFT_ID. Identification number of the delayed aircraft (available only for individual delay entries).
  • SI_LOCID. Facility that is assigned the delay.
  • RPT_SITE. Three-letter identifier of the reporting facility.
  • DEP_SITE. Facility the aircraft departed from.
  • DEST_SITE. Facility where the aircraft arrived.
  • OCCURRED_IN. Three-letter code indicating the ARTCC or TRACON where airborne holding delay occurred.
  • CHG_TO. Charged to. Three-letter identifier of the facility that bears the originating cause for delay (used only for TMI delay).
  • RPT_YYYYMMDD. Local day of the reported delay.
  • STIME. Datetime field: GMT start time of delay.
  • ETIME. Datetime field: GMT end time of delay.
  • STIME_STR. HH:MM format of Start time.
  • ETIME_STR. HH:MM format of End time.
  • CAT. Two-letter identifier for the category of the aircraft delayed (recorded by FSA or the reporting facility). Permissible values are: Air Carrier (AC), Air Taxi (AT), General Aviation (GA), Military (MIL).
  • AH. Delay type "Airborne Holding" (individual flight entry reported by PDARS).
  • DEP. Delay type "Departure Delay" (individual or group delay entry reported by FAA facility).
  • TMI. Delay type "Departure TMI", individual or group delay entry reported by FAA facility or DCC (EDCT/GS). TMI = Traffic Management Initiative.
  • DELAYS. Total flights delayed per entry. Total Delays attributed to the System Impact Facility.
  • AVG_MIN. Average minutes of delay for the record reported total delay.
  • MAX_MIN. Maximum minutes of delay for the record reported total delay.
  • PROGRAM_TYPE. Program/TMI type reported by DCC (AFP, CTOP, GDP, GS).
  • PROGRAM_NAME. As recorded in the FAA Advisory "CTL ELEMENT" field when DCC issued the program. For AFP the name will be FCA name (i.e., FCAZHU1), for the CTOP name will be the CTP number (i.e., CTP001:SKI18), and for GDP/GS the name will be the 3-letter ID of the airport the program was initiated for.
  • EDCT_DEL. Total delayed flights reported as EDCT delay.
  • EDCT_MIN. Total delayed minutes of EDCT delay.
  • GS_DEL. Total delayed flights reported as GS delay.
  • GS_MIN. Total delay minutes of GS delay.
  • FAA_DELAY_CAUSE. Identifies if delay is caused by FAA-owned equipment (Y/N).
  • DELAY_ID. Unique ID created when the TPC processes the data.
  • CAUSAL_FACTOR. The main cause for delay (per JO7210.55G). There are 5 categories: Weather, Volume, Runway/Taxiway, Equipment, Other.
  • CAUSE. The circumstance that caused the delay (includes the TM Initiative, National or Local, TMI type, root cause, and secondary cause if reported).
  • SECONDARY_CAUSE. The second level cause of delay (per J07210.55G), i.e., Aircraft Emergency, VIP Movement, Wind, Thunderstorm, etc.
  • DELAY_REMARKS. Optional field, used by reporting facility when needed to explain contributing causal factors, conditions, or other pertinent information.

For information about other available reports in the Delays view, see Delay Reports.