OPSNET: Facility Info: Missing Forms Report

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In the Facility Information view of OPSNET, the Missing Forms Report lists the primary facility with the satellite facility it services.

For information about how to create a Missing Forms Report, see the OPSNET Manual.

Field definitions are available in Definitions of Variables.

OPSNET FacilityMissing.jpg

The Missing Forms Report displays the following fields:

  • Region
  • State
  • Facility
  • Date
  • FAA Form 7230-1 (Front: Airport Operations, Back: Instrument Operations)
  • FAA Form 7230-12
  • FAA Form 7230-26 (Front: Instrument Operations, Back: Stage III/TCA)
  • Center Data (Domestic, Oceanic)

For more information about other available reports in Facility Information, see the OPSNET Manual Display section.