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The TRACON Operations Count is a count maintained by the TRACON and includes itinerant operations at all airports and overflights worked by the TRACON.

The purpose of the TRACON Operations Count is to maintain a count of all operations handled by TRACON controllers. The same activity is counted at every TRACON ensuring common data points. These counts are reported by “type” of operation—IFR/SVFR or VFR. The counts include IFR Itinerant Operations, VFR Itinerant Operations, IFR Over-flights, and VFR Over-flights.

  • IFR Itinerant Operations: The aircraft must be on an IFR flight plan or SVFR clearance; or provided approved standard separation while conducting practice instrument approaches. The facility must have control jurisdiction over the aircraft. Count one itinerant IFR operation for each aircraft that takes off, lands, or executes an unplanned missed approach. For VFR aircraft practicing instrument procedures, if approved standard separation is provided, one count is recorded for each aircraft that takes off from a complete stop and practices an instrument departure, practices an instrument approach procedure, executes a missed approach procedure or departure after a low approach, touch and go, or planned missed approach for a destination other than the airport at which the practice approach was made. For aircraft operating on a SVFR clearance, one count is recorded instrument operation for each aircraft that takes off or lands.
  • VFR Itinerant Operations: One itinerant operation for each VFR aircraft that lands or departs from an airport, runway or helipad in the TRACON’s airspace.
  • IFR Overflights: Aircraft on an IFR flight plan that originates outside, then enters and exits the TRACON’s airspace without landing.
  • VFR Overflights: VFR aircraft that originate outside then enter and exit the TRACON’s airspace without landing.

TRACON Operations are reported by the following categories:

  • Air Carrier: Operations by aircraft identified in FAAO 7210.3W, Appendix 3, “Air Carrier for Air Traffic Activity Operations Count”, which use three-letter company designators.
  • Air Taxi: Operations by aircraft other than those identified in Appendix 3 or the FAA Order 7210.3W which uses three-letter company designators or the prefix “TANGO” or “Lifeguard.”
  • General Aviation: Civil operations not classified as air carrier or air taxi.
  • Military: All classes of military operations.

For more information, see Definitions of Variables.

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