TFMSC: City Pair Reports

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In the City Pair view of TFMSC, the Show Total Report and Show Daily Averages Report provide data about statute miles flown, time flown, and seats per city pair for all flights reported in TFMS.

For information about how to create a report in the City Pair view, see the TFMSC Manual.

Field definitions are available in Definitions of Variables.

TFMS CityTotal.jpg

The Show Total and Show Daily Averages Reports display the following fields:

  • Flights
  • Statute Miles Flown
  • Time Flown (hh:mm)
  • Statute Miles Per Flight
  • Time Flown Per Flight
  • Seats
  • Seats Per Flight

Additional fields can be added in the Groupings section.

For information about other available reports in the City Pair view, see the Display section.