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AERO ISAN QuickGuide
The Facility AERO Report of ASPM AERO Manual displays Core Airport daily performance of a single facility with context on one sheet. Facility detail information is provided by clicking on the facility's code as hyperlink.

The Facility AERO Report can be displayed as a PDF document by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of the page.

For information about how to create a Facility AERO Report, see the ASPM AERO Manual and the Quick Guide linked at the bottom of the actual report page.

Field definitions are available in ASPM AERO: Definitions of Variables.

AERO Report

The Facility AERO Report displays the following information:

  • OPSNET Total Operations
  • Weather
  • TAER (Click on KPI names to access detail reports)
  • Taxi In/Out
  • Go Arounds
  • Equipment
  • Hourly TAER, Arrivals, and Departures (Click on an hourly value to open a new window with individual flight information.)
  • Hourly Taxi Out (grouped by actual Gate Out) and Taxi In times (grouped by actual Wheels On). (Click on an hourly value to open a new window with individual flight information.)
  • Hourly weather severity with contributing conditions. Weather color coding represents none, minor, moderate, and severe

weather conditions.

  • Hourly arrival and departure acceptance rates.
  • ISAN (Infrastructure Service as Needed).

Color coding for the icons representing TAER 100-to-40 and 40-to-On crossing times, and Taxi Times, represents the following:

  • Green: Equal to or better (shorter times)than the 3-year seasonal avg.
  • Yellow: From 3-year seasonal avg. to 90th percentile;
  • Orange: From 90th percentile to 98 percentile;
  • Red: Greater than the 98 percentile value.

Color coding for weather represents:

  • Green: No weather factors impact
  • Yellow: Minor weather factors impact
  • Orange: Moderate weather factors impact
  • Red: Severe weather factors impact.

For more information on weather factors, see the Weather Factors Manual.

Clicking on the hyperlink values in the table will open up a new tab with the daily values corresponding to the selected variables. Results can be displayed according to the following options:

  • Lines
  • 3D Lines
  • Columns
  • Bars
  • 3D Bars
  • Areas
  • 3D Areas
ASPMAERO FacilityDaily.png

For information about other available reports in the AERO module, see Display section.