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The Flight Data Report is the default report for the Individual Flights view of ASPM. It provides information about Arrivals and Departures for Metric Calculations (complete flight records). Ordering and report data fields are selected in the Fields tab, and final Flight Data Reports vary greatly according to the choices selected by the user. The Flight Data Report provides actual, schedule, and flight plan times from TFMS, OOOI and ASQP records, as well as many calculated delay metrics. The Flight Data Report is limited to 3000 records.

For information about how to create a Flight Data Report, see the ASPM Individual Flights Manual.

Field definitions are available in Definitions of Variables.

This report is populated with Predefined Field Selection for Flight Causality (Schedule)

The Flight Data Report may include all of the following fields:

Flight Information

  • ETMS Equipment Code
  • OOOI Present
  • ETMS Present
  • Schedule Present
  • Oceanic
  • User Class
  • Physical Class
  • Schedule ACID
  • CountOps Departure ACID
  • CountOps Arrival ACID
  • Selling Carrier

Departure Data

  • CountOps Departure Present
  • CountOps Departure Runway
  • Scheduled Departure Date
  • Actual Departure Date
  • Scheduled Gate Out
  • Flight Plan Gate Out
  • Actual Gate Out
  • ETMS Planned Wheels Off
  • Actual Wheels Off
  • EDCT Wheels Off
  • DZ
  • Gap DZ
  • Gate Departure Delay (Flight Plan)
  • Gate Departure Delay (Scheduled)
  • EDCT Departure Delay
  • Taxi Out Time
  • Unimpeded Taxi Out Time
  • Taxi Out Delay
  • Flight Plan Wheels Off
  • Scheduled Wheels Off
  • Airport Departure Delay (Flight Plan)
  • Airport Departure Delay (Scheduled)
  • Gate Departure Difference (Flight Plan)
  • Gate Departure Difference (Schedule)
  • Airport Departure Difference (Flight Plan)
  • Airport Departure Difference (Schedule)
  • Taxi Out Time Difference
  • Actual Wheels Off - EDCT Wheels Off
  • Departure GMT Offset

Arrival Data

  • CountOps Arrival Present
  • CountOps Arrival Runway
  • Scheduled Arrival Date
  • Actual Arrival Date
  • Scheduled Gate In
  • Flight Plan Gate In
  • Actual Gate In
  • Scheduled Block Time
  • Actual Block Time
  • EDCT Wheels On
  • Actual Wheels On
  • EDCT Arrival Delay
  • AZ
  • Gap AZ
  • Estimated Time Enroute
  • Actual Airborne Time
  • Airborne Delay
  • Taxi In Time
  • Unimpeded Taxi In Time
  • Taxi In Delay
  • Block Delay
  • Gate Arrival Delay (Flight Plan)
  • Gate Arrival Delay (Scheduled)
  • Airborne Time Difference
  • Taxi In Time Difference
  • Block Time Difference
  • Gate Arrival Difference (Flight Plan)
  • Gate Arrival Difference (Schedule)
  • Actual Wheels On - EDCT Wheels On
  • Arrival GMT Offset

ASQP & OPSNET Delay Information

For information about other available reports in the Individual Flights module, see the Display section.