CountOps: Runway Validation Report

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The Runway Validation Report displays information on actual runway usage relative to the specified runway configuration in place at that time. This report is limited to CountOps facilities.

For information about how to create a Runway Validation Report in the CountOps Report module, see the CountOps Reports Manual.

Field definitions are available in CountOps: Definitions of Variables.

COPS RunVal2.png

The Runway Validation Report displays the following primary fields:

  • Runway
  • Total Arrivals
  • Total Departures
  • Total Operations
  • Arrival RW Consistency
  • Departure RW Consistency
  • Total RW Consistency
  • Arrival RW Consistency Percent
  • Departure RW Consistency Percent
  • Total RW Consistency Percent
  • Total Replacements

The Replacement field indicates that the report contains replacement data from a "like day" due to an interruption in the CountOps data feed.

Results can be narrowed by selecting multiple grouping options.

For information about other available reports in the CountOps Reports module, see the following pages: