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The NAS AERO Report Full of ASPM AERO Manual displays Core Airport daily performance with context on one sheet. This report may take several minutes to run. For quicker results, users may choose to produce the Lite version of the NAS AERO instead.

Results can be displayed by DDSO: All

  • East-North
  • East-South
  • Central-North
  • Central-South
  • West-North
  • West-South

For information about how to create a NAS AERO Report Full, see the ASPM AERO Manual and the Quick Guide linked at the bottom of the actual report page.

Field definitions are available in ASPM AERO: Definitions of Variables.


The NAS AERO Report Full displays the following fields:

  • Facility
  • OPSNET Operations
  • OPSNET Delays
  • Departure Cancellations
  • Arrival Cancellations
  • Average Taxi Out
  • OPSNET Local Departure Delays
  • Airborne Holding Events
  • Airborne Holding Minutes
  • Diversions
  • Go Arounds
  • Completion Rate
  • Weather Impact

Clicking on the hyperlink values in the table will open up a new tab with the daily values corresponding to the selected variables. Results can be displayed according to the following options:

  • Lines
  • 3D Lines
  • Columns
  • Bars
  • 3D Bars
  • Areas
  • 3D Areas
ASPMAERO FullDaily.png

For information about other available reports in the AERO module, see Display section.